Foxhunting Clinic


A one-day camp will be held for adults and children.  There will be both mounted and unmounted sessions to familiarize the novice with foxhunting etiquette, hunting terrain, and situations one might encounter in the hunt field.  Attire is casual, but helmet and proper footware is a must.

All participants should be comfortable cantering over open terrain with other horses.  There will be two divisions offered: a non-jumping group called "Hill-toppers," and a jumping group called "Hunting Hopefuls."

Children attending must be accompanied by a mounted chaperone.

Saturday August 1st Quiet Valley in Shoreham

10:00 am to through lunch - and bring your lunch!
also water for your horse of course.

$50 camp fee

Entry Form

Release Form

Send entry form to the Hunt Secretary
Andrea Hook
PO Box 1128
Jericho Center VT 05465

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